How can i make sure that my guest blog post is shared widely on social media?

Many bloggers and guest posters will share their latest posts as guests on social media. Since the easiest to search for is Twitter, you should try running a. Since Twitter is the easiest to search for, you should try searching on Twitter with the keyword “guest post” to get the latest tweets about guest posts in your industry. Just follow the links to see which blogs accept guest posts.

In addition to all these points, would you really hurt your new blog friends? I can read something and quickly determine if the writer actually does SEO or if he was paid to write SEO articles for blogs in the hope of getting the word out about his brand. Don't waste your time or that an editor is creating a guest post that doesn't match what the editor is looking for. We all understand the need to increase brand awareness, and guest blogging can help with that, but ONLY if you do it the right way. That's why I wanted to create this complete guide to guest blogging that anyone, in any industry, can start using right away.

Doing so seems self-promotional and tells the editor, reader, and Google that the only purpose of the publication is to serve yourself, not the reader. My colleague Alex Birkett wrote a post about his email disclosure rules, one of which is not to beat around the bush. Therefore, without knowing the host blog and its guidelines, you may not be able to get your writing approved. If you still haven't received any response and it's been a long time, you can write an email mentioning that you would like to publish the article somewhere else.

There are times when you can choose a blog based on its reputation and ignore the fact that its topic doesn't match yours. According to a SEMrush study, 53% of digital marketers say that blogging as guests (or posting as guests) is, in fact, the most effective way to create a backlink profile. What might attract more bloggers to the concept is the speed at which one can get into the thick of things with guest blogs. Be sure to always read the site's guidelines for guest blogging to ensure that your proposal includes all the necessary elements.

Since it's clear that you can't repost something you've already published, you'll have to invest in a new blog post. Start by making a short list of the main pages of your website that you want to promote and include in your future guest blogs. For each page, analyze your current status, such as your monthly SEO traffic, and set a goal that you want to achieve in a certain period of time as a guest blogger.

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