How can i make sure that readers take action after reading my guest blog post?

While some publishers may not respond simply because they're not interested, others may actually forget it. That's why it's important to always send a follow-up email, unless otherwise stated on your website. This can work well in many niches, such as fitness (“The 20-pound weight loss challenge”), marketing or sales (“How to get 10 new customers in 30 days”) or even in the trades (“Smith Kitchen Reno, before, for 26% later”). Well, Darren gave me a chance in the blogging world by giving me the opportunity to publish a guest post on his blog.

The number of visitors went from 0 to 5 per day to about 100 per day. The important thing is that you won't get visitors to your blog unless you show your talent on other blogs that already have visitors and this is a very good way to do it. When you guest post on blogs with authority in your niche, you're putting your content in front of a massive audience. You get credit for your article and a link to your blog.

This will help you reach more readers. One type of guest post that is easy to do and that I'm seeing on graphic design blogs is what I would call an advertising post. All you need is a segment that uses the source dimension with several statements for each domain where you have published as a guest on a blog. Preferably, opt for posts that have good social participation so that the blog owner sees your potential value with their audience.

So don't be discouraged if you send 50 proposals as a guest and only receive 10 responses, all of which were rejected. While you can continue to show your regular readers great content on your blog, the best way to show people who have never heard of you your best things is to go where they are already meeting, on other people's blogs. I know that, for one of my previous blog projects, writing as a guest has been an indispensable source of traffic. However, that's not likely to attract specific traffic, so it probably won't work as a strategy to grow my own blog.

Advertising your content on different social media platforms will allow you to gain more readers because your posts are sent directly to your target audience. I have a couple of guest posts planned for my blog, but I'm still looking for the right opportunity to guest post on someone else's blog. To ensure that your guest post is accepted, you'll need to introduce the blog owner to topics that suit their audience. Christian is an industrial engineer with experience in programming who has used his knowledge and experience to grow 7Sigma Physiques, his fitness training business and his blog with thousands of monthly readers.

Of the thousands of ways in which you can reach your brand to new audiences, posting as a guest is undoubtedly my favorite. While it might seem a little strange to put your best posts on someone else's blog, it's worth it.

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