How do i find topics for my guest blog posts?

Post as a guest tips for brainstorming, focus on what you know, follow trends and build your idea around what's currently in fashion, play with different articles to generate a new idea, follow the statistics, the recipe for charming webmasters. List of guest blog sites (more than 140 of the best sites) Find the PERFECT theme for guest posting With that, let's see what to send to level 1 and level 2 sites. The content on tier 1 sites should be as good or better than what you publish on your own blog. That's why I'm looking for AT LEAST 2500 words for Level 1 sites.

It's just not as surprising as the things I send to tier 1 sites. For example, when I looked at Buffer's blog, I noticed that most of their guest posts were case studies. One of my favorites is the keyword “My Guest Posts +” as a search operator for finding incredible opportunities for guests. And of course, every good article can be used to start the discussion with another blog host who likes what you have and suggests the perfect topic for their own blog.

Not only are your points suitable for guest blogging, but they're also useful for formulating a very constructive strategy for content creation. Generate more content ideas from your assets or from your customers, for example, diversifying topics from extensive publications in the form of lists. However, it's worth noting that if you find these types of lists, you'll have to research and check that they still welcome guest posts (since some of these lists may be quite old and not all of them are properly researched), as well as check if the DA is still as high (or high enough for what you were looking for) and even if they continue to publish new content on the blog. As an initiator in the world of guest blogging, I was looking for a DIY guide for the same thing, which I think I found in my hands.

I've been guest blogging, but in most cases, I was a long way from getting a guest post published. However, guest blogs were needed, so he suggested articles about things that people store, such as skis in summer, pool equipment in winter, or good wine that you won't drink for years. Most people familiar with guest blogs understand their importance as a tactic within a holistic link building strategy for SEO. So, instead of killing yourself to enter THAT blog, stick with your best ideas and, if they don't adapt to the blogs you thought they would be, I guarantee that there are other blogs out there, ready and willing to give you a good amount of links for the effort you put into creating an interesting topic.

I know that you have better things to do with your life than reading a site's list of guest posting guidelines. I thought your post was very interesting and educational, I took some notes and will use it for my next blog as a guest. Then I analyze my statistics, see the difference in conversions and start publishing another guest post. Because guest blogging is such a popular and widespread tactic, there are many lists created by other bloggers with blogs from all kinds of niches.

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