Is guest posting black hat seo?

As long as you don't guest post on sites that are clearly spam, use stolen content, or use your own black hat techniques, you're probably fine. By contrast, a black hat seller will send a mass email to everyone they find to be vaguely relevant. From duplicate content to irrelevant posts, black hats will use whatever guest posting tactics needed to post their link. Buying links means paying another website to link to your website.

Keyword stuffing is the practice of repeating the same keywords (or similar phrases) in content to manipulate rankings. The antidote to excessive keywords is full content. Article spinning, also known as content spinning, consists of taking a part of the content and rewriting it to create many “new pieces of content”. Is this more work than spinning items? Of course.

But it costs much less work than writing guest posts on totally unrelated topics, because you've already researched and worked hard for the original post. Negative SEO is a clandestine technique for trying to sabotage a website from competition or the rankings of a website. Rich snippet spam occurs when you misuse structured data to (try) to gain an advantage in SERPs. Although used for content marketing and for building brand awareness, sponsored posts have limited SEO benefits.

But Neil only began to see business materialize a year later, when his guest articles on sites such as Entrepreneur and Inc. White Hat SEOs are also focused on forging lasting relationships with publishers and owners of the sites on which they publish. The idea is simple: manipulate Google's search algorithm by filling posts with frequently searched keywords. By publishing a guest post with high-quality content on websites in the same industry, SEOs encourage their customers' sites to move up on search engine results pages (SERPs).

By doing so, they can publish informative and well-thought-out material that is truly valuable to readers. Guest blogging is in line with search engine guidelines, as long as it isn't done on a large scale and the blog post provides value to readers. You could change the script and write a guest post for another site entitled “X Link Building Mistakes Meet Startups”. In off-page SEO, guest blogs work to create backlinks and brand mentions to a site, which improves its reputation.

Use the perspective technique to create unique variations of a guest post from different perspectives. Neil also explains in the previous video how he attacked guest bloggers: he started with one or two guest posts a week. There's no need to worry about the readers of the site they publish on or about the reputation of their customers. With PBNs, a Black Hat SEO can offer customers an increase in DR and DA without having to search for guest posts and produce high-quality content.

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