What are the best ways to increase traffic to my guest blog posts?

Jaime, I would definitely stick to one topic for a while until you've established your expertise in that area. Look for other blogs that reach your target audience and offer to contribute blog posts as a guest. If the site has a significant audience, you can bet that readers, in turn, will want to interact with more of your content. Just make sure that you only publish original, high-quality content without spam links (so that Google doesn't penalize you and lose traffic).

For example, if your customers are content marketers, you can search for “content marketing” or “content marketing blog”. Guest blogging helps you gain traffic, stay in front of your audience and improve your SEO ranking in a cost-effective way. The backlinks and traffic I received from the Huffington Post definitely made networking worthwhile. Not everyone takes the time to read your blog every week, so this will help your subscribers invest in your blog.

At the top and bottom of your blog posts, be sure to include social sharing buttons for Twitter, LinkedIn, and other major social networks. These perennial posts will accumulate traffic and links over time, especially if you update them regularly (more on that later). If you want to get into the topic, you can also take a look at your social media analytics to find the times of the day and week when your audience interacts the most and then share the links to your blog posts. You can also search for the specific topics in your article, such as guest blogging, email marketing, public relations, etc.

Excellent, that's what I thought ???? You're changing the usual old marketing tips, Brian, and that's why this is such a good, thought-provoking blog. Every business owner who has ever hosted a blog has experienced the frustration of trying to gain readers. Share each new blog post on your social networks, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. If several different people are asking about the same thing, there's more likely to be a wider audience that would love to read a blog post on the topic.

When you mention another company's product or service in a blog post, include a link to that company's page. First, I would study these journalists and bloggers and learn about the topics they talk about and are interested in. You can send cold emails to publishers, the vast majority of my guest posts come from cold emails.

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