What should i avoid when writing a guest blog post?

It doesn't link to your website. Write for a site that doesn't send targeted traffic. Using it solely as a way to get inbound links. Not having good content on your own site first.

This error is very common among guest writers. Most guest writers turn to publishers to write content for their website, but they don't know exactly what they need to write. Let me tell you that this is a clear sign of neglect that is considered disrespectful. How will you feel when someone sends you a guest posting request without knowing anything about you? Of course, you will surely disapprove.

Before submitting a guest post request, make sure you have sufficient knowledge about the person you want to work with. There's nothing more discouraging for a blog administrator than a guest blogger who ruthlessly tries to get published on your blog. Sometimes I get a really good guest post and I'm surprised that the guest blogger didn't include any inbound links to his website. In this case, you'll want to do some Google searches for those keywords to identify the blogs you should target.

This will allow you to see what the blog has already covered and will help you find a new angle for that topic. If you can't get someone from your network to introduce you to a blogger who can attest to your writing skills and experience in the industry, you'll have to attest to that for yourself. You want your guest posts to be as good, if not better, than the posts you publish on your own site. Your guest contribution should not attract the attention of the readers of the blog, but should match the rest of the content that is published on that particular blog.

Keeping broadcasting records will help you manage your communications, keep track of your progress and avoid careless errors, such as contacting the same blogger twice with the same proposal. Making it easier for the blog administrator to upload your post to their blogging software will increase your chances of it being republished on that blog later on. If you write an article that fails to capture the attention of the people who are going to read it, you'll discourage potential new customers and, in most cases, the site won't accept your post in the first place. Check out the blog's rules for guest blogging and, if there aren't any, check out other guest posts that have already been published on the blog to see how it manages signatures.

That said, getting your guest posts accepted and published on other people's blogs is no easy task.

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