What should i consider when selecting an author bio for a guest blog post?

Choose a high-resolution photo of yourself. Explain what you do in the third. The site you're writing for may offer guidelines for your author biography. For example, your author's biography could have up to 100 words, a link to your website, and a high-resolution photo.

Be sure to follow these instructions and use them as a basis for creating your author biography. Get used to writing an author biography of 100 words or less. These are more than enough words to create an effective promotional pitch for you. It usually turns out to be 3 to 5 sentences.

Justin Champion is the author of Inbound Content, senior professor of content at HubSpot, adjunct professor at the University of Florida and half of Wild We Wander. Justin created the HubSpot Academy content marketing course, which has since awarded more than 30,000 certifications to professionals around the world. First of all, the blog may have a word limit for your bio. If you have to cut the bio, always make your persuasive link a priority.

If there's room for more words, add a fun or interesting fact that's relevant to the reader and to your field of expertise. This blitzkrieg as a guest blogger earned him the undisputed title of Freddy Krueger of blogging and opened incredible doors for him in his early days. To get rid of annoying guest posts that don't lead to conversions, I've created this detailed step-by-step guide that will help you write and optimize every line of your firm so you can grow your business. Well, the reason you might want to link to a blog post or a subpage is because of the value it provides.

But if your guest post is about dialogue, your bio would say: “Learn to create amazing dialogue with your free e-book 20 Great Creative Writing Tricks” (download it here). Alex Limberg is the founder of Ride the Pen, a creative writing blog that analyzes famous authors (works, not bodies). The goal is to include the relevance of who you are and why you are important to people who read the post as a guest. Too many guest posters treat their signatures as an afterthought (or simply use them as an opportunity to brag).

If the site where you guest post limits you to a link in your author bio, you'll have to choose if you want your web link or your social link. An effective way to start writing your author bio is to review several author biographies on their site, preferably guest authors if you can find them. In addition, people just read a blog post as a guest post; it's only logical that they would be more interested in continuing reading than in converting it to something that is potentially barely related. For example, to publish a guest article on the best vegetarian pizza recipes, it would be ideal to offer a free e-book on how to prepare delicious and healthy pizza bases.

But I want to know if I use a bio for different topics on a guest blog website what's good or should I update my bio after a while? If your guest post is about characterization, you can write in your biography “Learn to create fascinating characters with your free e-book 20 Great Creative Writing Tricks” (download it here). You might still benefit from sending people to the blog itself, but it would really be worth a try. Anyone who has made the effort to read your post and arrived at your bio must be very interested in the topic of the publication.

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