What should i look for when selecting a website to host my guest blog post?

The first thing you'll want to do is find opportunities to guest post. When you're looking for sites to guest post, your main goal is to find sites relevant to your. Make your efforts worthwhile by identifying high-quality guest blogging opportunities with these qualitative tips and quantitative metrics. Try to pre-select blogs that use only 1 tracking backlink per post.

Otherwise, you'll put in a lot of effort to get fewer links. And he would split up with someone who didn't make an effort to write the blog. However, if you're getting a backlink from a website with a low DA (20-3), you might want to check the publishing frequency. Go to the blog page of the website and take a quick look if they've been publishing at least 1 blog every week.

If not, you may have to wait a long time to get your backlink. Also, check the word count requirement. If a DA 2.0 blog is looking for an article that is more than 3000 words long, you might want to skip it. Keep long-form articles for blogs above 40 DA, it's a decent return on investment in creating the blog.

Selecting the website is only half the battle. The average number of answers is 10%. Of the 60 requests, you may only receive 6 responses, and eventually 1 to 2 blogs will accept and publish your blog on their website. However, those 1 or 2 blogs will provide a big boost to your website's domain authority, and it's usually a good return on investment that you invest in the process.

In addition, your bargaining power increases over time as your authority increases. This means that you'll convert 5 or even 8 blogs out of 100, and it'll get easier every time. Once you have a place to keep your data organized, start looking for websites in your niche that accept guest posts. Depending on how established your company is, you can search for a broader set of sites or focus only on your specific audience.

Just keep in mind that a backlink from a relevant site has more weight than a backlink from one that isn't. You'll want to pass on to writers the benefits of blogging as a guest on your site. Will they appear on your exclusive email list? Or will they receive a small financial reward? Be sure to list all the benefits on your guest blog page. Of the thousands of ways in which you can reach your brand to new audiences, posting as a guest is undoubtedly my favorite.

Website owners who accept guest posts often allow you to include a backlink to your website in exchange for your content, which is a great way to strengthen your backlink profile and increase domain authority. For example, I wrote a guest post for Zapier about how to increase website speed, which I constantly link to from other guest posts whenever I can. Somewhere on the blog, there should be the name and contact information of the blog owner you're going to for your guest post. To ensure that your guest post is accepted, you'll want to introduce the blog owner to topics that suit their audience.

And of course, it wouldn't hurt to mention all the notable bloggers who have already published on your site. If the guest posting guidelines ask you to submit an idea for a topic, then (based on your research on posts that were previously popular), come up with a few different ideas so that the blog owner has a few to choose from. Publishers of large publications can receive hundreds of submissions every week, so if you send a generic proposal as a guest, they'll most likely hit the delete button right away. Include a little bit about your background and experience about why you were qualified to write a guest post.

A great way for e-learning authors to determine if the guest publishing site is right for them is to analyze other content. If you intend to become a regular contributor to a blog, or you just want the blog owner to brag about how good a guest blogger you are, make sure you do everything you can to promote your post to your own audience. Before asking bloggers to promote on their marketing channels, it's key that you take the initiative. Knowing your goals in advance will help you determine which blogs will be the best for sending guest posts.

Defining your niche will allow you to more easily focus your efforts on presenting (and writing) your blog as a guest. Knowing this objective in advance is key to determining the right type of blogs to which to send guest posts. .

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